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Brain Boost: The 10 Minute Workout

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Posted on 12-23-2017

Brain Boost: The 10 Minute Workout

Don’t have time to exercise? Are just you too busy to exercise or just too tired? Skip the power nap and the second cup of coffee, the Danish and do as I do, go for the 10 minute workout.

In these days of intermittent fasting (meal skipping), stand up desks, and podcasts the next big thing is: “the 10 Minute Workout”!

Now if you think that 10 minutes is just to short, well think again. I for instance drive past my gym several times a day and recently I have come to realise that a short workout is better than no workout at all.  As a self employed person I am free to make my own schedule, and I am also free to overwork myself every chance I get.  I am no stranger to stress and I have come to realize that even a short workout (yes even 10-12 minutes) will makes my body feel better and my brain more alert.

Now science agrees! A new study published in Neuropsychologia found that just 10 minutes of exercise increases brain function with a 14% gain in cognitive performance.  Participants received  immediate cognitive benefits from an exercise routine as short as 10 minutes.

The study’s senior author Matthew Heath puts forth several theories. “It’s thought that, with exercise, perhaps you get an increase in blood flow to the brain, or you might get a release of some very specific proteins that have been shown to offer neuroprotective benefits and stimulate the growth of new neurons … and an increased level of arousal, that prompts you to be better at doing executive-based tasks,”

“We wanted to know if an even shorter exercise program (than 20 minutes), could benefit people who might have orthopedic problems or other mobility issues, could still have a cognitive benefit,” states Matthew.

If you need a brain boost, and who doesn’t, the lesson here is JUST EXERCISE, no matter how little time you have!

Michelle said:

Hmmmm. A brain boost? I never thought of that. I'm a very busy person and hardly even have time to sit for a while after eating for proper digestion. This has made exercises almost impossible for me. But I guess, I could spare 10 minutes in my office to do a little stretches. I hope it helps too.

2018-05-02 15:56:51

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