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Purple Tongue?

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Posted on 09-30-2011

Occasionally I have patients that feel worse after an adjustment, and often times upon asking to see their tongue I notice that they have a purple tongue. In Chinese Medicine a purple tongue is an indicator of blood stagnation, somewhere in body. If we look at this concept from a Western view point, purple is indicative of hypoxia, or lack of oxygen, and decreased circulation of oxygenated blood. The Chinese saying is "stagnation makes pain". Same case applies for areas with poor circulation, which characteristically have a build up and pooling of lactic acids and metabolic wastes.

Why look at the Tongue?

The GI tract is 30 something feet long and the tongue is the northern tip. By looking at the tongue we get an indication of the environment of the GI tract, (much like looking at the dip stick of your car, if the oil is black well time for a change). Certain conditions are easy to notice by looking at the tongue. Dryness, dampness, heat, cold, poor digestion, tension and blood stagnation. These are the most basic distinctions that I make at first glance and they give volumes of information about the digestive system and general condition.

A purple tongue is an indication that a patient might have a reaction after a treatment. WHY? My treatments increase mobility, increase circulation and increase blood flow (in the areas I work). Post adjustment more toxins are attempting to push through an already labored system. The more sluggish your system, the greater the resistance and hence chance of painful sensation.

My recommendation to my patients is to use ice the first couple of days to reduce inflammation and anesthetize (numb) any pain. Use ice no more than 20 min. at a time and can use as often as every hour. The good news, this condition in most cases only lasts for a day; by the second day the majority of these people feel GREAT, waaay better than before!

If your tongue is purple it is time for: Chiropractic, a massage, Acupuncture, Herbal remedies, begin and exercise program and to begin a cleanse. Good luck, hope that helps. In future articles I will go more in depth about the Tongue Reading.

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Konnie Duff said:

Saw Dr. Eymann today...what a nice guy! I'm visiting from New York and found him by pure grace. I would highly recommend this lovely, strong but gentle man. I jumped off the table...literally. Thank you, Konnie

2014-03-03 22:41:14

Konnie Duff said:

I forgot to say I'm a Chinese Medical Doctor and the Purple Tongue explanation is right on. Dr. Eymann knows his stuff.

2014-03-03 22:44:13

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