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Girl throws out knee, can't walk. Back on feet after adjustment.

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Posted on 07-06-2011

Kaly wasn't quite sure what happened to her knee. One minute it was fine, the next minute it twisted and she couldn't walk. "50% of her knee problem is from me", says her concerned father. "See look I can't sit on my knees", he continues. "Thanks', that may or may not be the case, I'll have to examine her knee to find out what is causing her condition."

This happened to Kaly once before, about a year ago, she went to the emergency room, waited 3 hours, they put some ice on her, gave her some crutches which she used for a couple weeks and "eventually the knee went back in on its own". She wants to run track at school but hasn't run for over a year.

Upon examination of her knee and leg what I find is certainly cause for concern, a very twisted tibia, probably the worst I have ever felt, with the fibula being involved as well. And some quad tightness on the lateral side a few inches above the knee cap, or patella. Both hamstrings are weak. "I have a conditioning class and they have us work our quads a lot. After further questioning I found that the instructors of the class did not have the students stretch nor ever offer instructions for stretching.

After my treatment gave her icing instructions for her knee, "20 mins per hour, no more, and you can do this every hour. The ice quickly reduces any inflammation.

The next day Kaly comes walking in the door with a big smile. She had felt perfectly fine after the treatment and yes she did ice. This morning the knee felt a little sore. Today she had her second adjustment and we gave her instructions on stretching the quads.  I taught her how to use the foam roller and gave her several quad stretches. She was leaving the next day for home on the east coast. After the second adjustment mobility seem normal. We had noted that the arches of her feet were less than ideal and I recommended she get foot orthotics, especially if this was a reoccurring problem. She left the office a happy camper and her parents were stunned that to have witnessed such a quick turnaround. There is talk now of doing an onsite TV show to demonstrate the speed and effectiveness of this work. Stay tuned and stay well adjusted!

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