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6 Reasons you may be low in Zinc:

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Posted on 11-23-2017

Many of Us are Zinc Deficient because:

1) Soils of the food they eat are trace mineral deficient - not enough enough zinc.
2) Zinc is removed from foods when refined
3) Zinc oxide (inorganic zinc) in sunscreen displaces organically bound zinc from our body
4) Iron and copper intake displaces zinc. Cast Iron skillets, Copper water pipes, Copper IUD, BCP's....
5) Improperly prepared grains. Not sprouting all grains allows the phytic acid to bind to zinc & other trace minerals and render them non-assimilable.  
6) Heavy metals displace zinc.
By using the Zinc Taste Test you can get a relative good idea of your zinc level. see Zinc Taste Test

If zinc levels don't raise within a month, there's a heavy metal detox work that needs to be done. In my particular case I had 5 heavy metals and with time I have been able to chelate these from my body safely. Because zinc actually helps in the removal of these heavy metals, I consistently tested low in zinc throughout the process while zinc was busy chelating and removing these heavy metals from my organs and brain. These metals were safely and fully detoxed by the liver and removed from my body by using the 10 day cleanse.

Here is a recent heavy metal report mine showing effects of heavy metal detox. 9 months ago I was high in each of these toxic metals and with the addition of a quality zinc product and the formulations below, I was able to chelate these heavy metals out of my system safely. 

10 Day Cleanse

Come see Dr. Craig for hair, mineral and heavy metal analysis. Removing heavy metals will change your life! Call Dr. Craig now at 831-425-1288 to make an appointment.

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Karsten said:

Great Article!

2018-01-19 17:47:31

Steve Hart said:

Dr Craig,., You corrected my sciatica situation with precision accuracy. I am now embarking on your cleansing program! Thank you for being such a passionate facilitator of all around cutting edge healing techniques!!,..,. and all the time being such a kind, gentle, compassionate soul.

2018-01-19 18:31:12

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