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Knee / Hip

Relieving Knee and Hip Pain without Surgery

Research shows that more middle-aged adults are seeking total knee replacement surgery. Learn how to prevent the need for surgery with chiropractic care in this study on osteoarthritic knee pain.

"I hurt my hip a year ago at work, and it hurts every step I take. I have tried about everything, and basically the cold laser is the only thing that reduces the pain--until I met Dr. Eymann. He has put my pelvis/hips back into position so that I can actually walk without a limp, and I'm not in pain putting pressure on the hip anymore. I have done a lot of chiropractic before, but he is doing something very different I'm in alignment, my inflammation and bone marrow edema will slowly decrease due to not being used improperly, and i will heal. (My right hop, by the way, has more osteoarthritis than the left one without any pain or decreased range of motion.) Dr. Eymann is also very upbeat, kind and a complete joy to work with"

Judith J. 8/21/2013

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