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Neck Pain Treatment

Neck Pain Treatment in Santa Cruz

Up to 50% of people experience neck pain annually but most patients never receive the care they need. This has made you believe that it is normal to experience neck pain despite taking routine OTC medication, muscle relaxants, and much more. Until you get to know that a high-risk surgery is the last option – it’s not!

Why Make High-Risk Surgeries an Option? There is a Natural Solution to Chronic Neck Pain!

While neck pain is common; it’s certainly not normal, and so is receiving a high-risk surgery. For over 100 years, chiropractors have been helping people get natural and non-invasive neck pain treatment in Santa Cruz.   You would be surprised that the success rate of chiropractic treatment for neck pain is comparable to the recommended and routine options available. But it won’t cost you your peace of mind or involve the uncertainties with high-risk surgeries.

It’s Time You Visit a Chiropractic for Neck Pain Treatment!

So getting immediate neck pain treatment should always be on your to-do list. Because neck pain is usually the result of a spinal misalignment that causes stiffness and muscle spasms in the upper back. When left uncorrected, these spinal problems may become the reason for major surgeries.  Why escalate a minor spinal misalignment to that point when chiropractic care can help you? We always advise our patients to get regularly adjusted and ensure their body is in the best state to support their daily workload. Wondering how a neck pain chiropractic would just adjust my neck. Here’s how!

How Do Our Neck Pain Chiropractors Adjust Your Neck in Santa Cruz?

Our neck pain chiropractors may adjust you in any one of several different ways. This includes neck adjustment by hand or by using a specialized table. We will gently rotate or stretch your neck which often creates a popping or cracking sound. This can also done via ‘dropping’ a section of the specialized adjustment table you will be lying upon. What method to use and what’s best for you will be diagnosed by our neck pain chiropractor in Santa Cruz. But where does this cracking sound come from? It comes from the trapped gases in your neck joints and is usually the by-product of rapid neck movement. So whether you hear an abundance of popping sounds or not, there is no need to worry about it. 

Chiropractic Adjustment is Safe for Neck Pain Treatment

Our neck pain chiropractors in Santa Cruz are certified and licensed to deliver expert chiropractic care. We have years of experience and understand your musculoskeletal system the best. Serious complications or event of a chiropractic session going wrong is very rare. 

Get Your Neck Adjusted – Find Long-Term Pain Relief!

We believe that a responsive treatment is mostly a result of an accurate diagnosis. At Aloha Sports Chiropractic, we utilize a variety of diagnostic tools to zero in on the cause of your pain, not just treat your symptoms.  So if you are serious about your neck pain and want a non-invasive, risk-free, and natural treatment, don’t hesitate to drop a call or fill in your patient form. Our motto has always been to treat musculoskeletal disorders without medication – and we are proud that it has worked 90% of the time! Just remember, that the earliest you receive an intervention for your neck pain, the better.  If you have acute or chronic neck pain, our chiropractors provide services to patients, including retirees, children, athletes, workers, and laborers. Should you have any questions about Aloha Sports Chiropractic, feel free to reach out to us by call.

Dr. Craig Eymann


Dr. Craig Eymann, a seasoned chiropractor with a rich healing journey since 1978, specializes in neck pain treatment in Santa Cruz and spinal misalignment. A dedicated practitioner, he blends his expertise in Structural Integration Therapy, Deep Tissue, and Chiropractic Adjustments to bring relief to those suffering from musculoskeletal issues. His compassionate approach, honed through years of experience, prioritizes aligning the spine to alleviate pain and restore well-being. Dr. Eymann’s commitment to understanding and treating neck pain shines through, making him a trusted choice for those seeking practical and personalized chiropractic care.

Patient Testimonial


Emma H.

Google Reviews


I remember going in last Friday, Harley able to walk my leg, spasming and my neck and back being at its worst point. After Dr. Craig Eyman did his magic I was able to not only walk, but my back felt 1000 times better


  • What is Better for Neck Pain: Massage or Chiropractor?

    While massage therapy works best for muscle and soft tissue-related conditions, chiropractic care can address both muscular and skeletal problems offering a more holistic neck pain treatment. Ultimately, whether you need massage therapy or chiro, or both, will depend on the severity of your neck pain.

  • How Do You Know if Your Neck Needs Adjustment?

    If you are having a persistent chronic headache, have trouble moving your neck, or just find your neck being much stiffer and contained than usual, it is time to get a routine chiropractic adjustment for neck pain. Moreover, if you spend prolonged hours in front of laptops or have little time to move around freely, it is always better to see a chiropractor for routine adjustments.

  • Can a Chiropractor Tell if Your Neck is Out of Alignment?

    While you might not realize that your range of motion may be lacking, a neck pain chiropractor can test that and ascertain whether you need a spinal alignment or a possible neck adjustment.

  • How Many Chiropractic Sessions Would I Need for Neck Pain Treatment?

    The number of visits would entirely depend on your condition. However, neck pain chiropractors can normally eliminate acute neck pain in 9-12 visits. If you have a chronic one, these visits may increase depending on the severity of your neck pain.

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