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Are persistent foot, elbow, or knee pain hindering your daily activities and vitality? The great news is that there’s a beacon of relief—shockwave therapy in Santa Cruz. 

Hi there! I’m Dr. Craig Eymann, a seasoned chiropractor specializing in musculoskeletal disorders with over 25 years of experience. Several years ago, I and my team integrated remarkably effective shockwave therapy into my practice, witnessing transformative outcomes for my clients. 

If you’re tired of the burden of chronic pain, consider scheduling a consultation with us at Aloha Sports Chiropractic

Let’s explore together how tailored extracorporeal shock wave therapy can liberate you from discomfort and have you back to enjoying your favorite activities pain-free.

What Conditions We Manage Using Shockwave Therapy?

Are you curious about the diverse range of injuries and conditions my team and I treat effectively with shockwave therapy? Look no further: I’ve created a thorough list below. 

Contact us for personalized shockwave treatment in Santa Cruz if you’re experiencing any of these conditions. 

Your path toward ease and wellness starts with specialized care customized to your needs.

How Can Shockwave Therapy Work to Relieve Pain?

Shockwave therapy Is like a healing boost for your body! This therapy delivers targeted bursts of acoustic waves to specific body areas, promoting accelerated healing and pain relief. 

These waves, generated by a specialized device, penetrate deep into the tissues, stimulating cellular repair mechanisms. This stimulation enhances blood circulation, collagen production, and the release of growth factors, fostering a natural healing response. Whether you need,

  • Shock wave therapy for back pain
  • Shock wave therapy for neck pain
  • Shock wave therapy for plantar fasciitis
  • Shockwave therapy for knee pain
  • Or any other condition. 

Our personalized plans are here to give you relief and get you moving again.

Ready to Trade Pain for Possibility?

Schedule a consultation with Aloha Sports Chiropractic today. I and my team are here to craft a personalized plan to unleash your inner self and get you back to doing what you love.


Dr. Craig Eymann


Dr. Craig Eymann, a compassionate chiropractor with over 40 years of expertise, prioritizes optimal musculoskeletal health. Integrating cutting-edge Shockwave Therapy into his practice, he swiftly alleviates muscle, tendon, and joint issues. With a keen understanding that structure dictates function, Dr. Eymann’s caring touch and extensive experience bring about rapid relief, guiding individuals toward a pain-free, vibrant life.

Patient Testimonial


Steve H.

Google Reviews


That was incredible, When I came in here my foot pain was 9/10 and it was hard to walk. When I got off the table it was a zero and now after I’ve been on foot for a while it’s at a 1-2/10.


  • Does Shockwave Therapy Actually Work?

    More than 90% of patients have reported decreased chronic pain, increased mobility, and other health improvements following shockwave therapy. So yes, shockwave therapy is seeing successful results and acceptance as a treatment for chronic pains.

  • Is Shockwave Therapy Painful?

    Our approach prioritizes your comfort. While you may feel a tingling or tapping sensation during the treatment, the overall experience is well-tolerated. It is an non-invasive treatment that utilizes sound waves to be highly safe and risk-free.

  • Can I Go for a Shockwave Therapy for Neck and Back Pain?

    Absolutely! You can try shockwave therapy for neck and back pain, along with foot and knee pain, too. Shockwave therapy is a safe and non-invasive procedure that can be used for any affected part of your body.

  • How Much Does a Shockwave Therapy Cost?

    The initial appointment is free. If you need shockwave therapy, you'll have 4 sessions, one week apart, costing around $500 in total.

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