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Radicular pain

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Welcome to Aloha Sports Chiropractic, your go-to place for Radicular pain relief services, Santa Cruz, where we understand the intricate challenges posed by radiculopathy. This condition, commonly known as radicular pain, arises from the compression of spinal nerve roots, resulting in a spectrum of sensations majorly pain.

Navigating the Radicular Pain Symptoms

Are you experiencing persistent pain, unsettling numbness, or bothersome tingling in a specific area? Perhaps you’ve noticed a gradual weakness in specific muscles or find it increasingly challenging to control their movements.  These are hallmark signs of radicular pain, and our team is here to help you understand and address these symptoms effectively.

Decoding the Types of Radicular Pain

Radicular pain manifests in different spine regions, leading to specific types of discomfort. Whether it’s,

  • Acute cervical radicular pain
  • Radicular pain in neck region
  • Radicular back pain
  • Radicular lumbar pain

Each type requires a nuanced approach. Our experienced team is adept at identifying the specific kind of radiculopathy you’re dealing with to tailor a precise treatment plan.

Delving Deeper into the Root Causes of Radicular Pain

A pinched nerve in the spine is at the core of radiculopathy, affecting the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar regions. Other reasons include herniated discs, spinal stenosis, trauma, or injury. Understanding this root cause is pivotal in developing an effective treatment strategy. Our compassionate team is committed to conducting thorough assessments to pinpoint the exact location and nature of the nerve impingement, ensuring a targeted and personalized approach.

Holistic Approach to Radicular Pain Treatment, Santa Cruz

In radicular pain treatment, recent breakthroughs point towards a multimodal chiropractic approach. Its non-invasive nature provides relief with lasting results. At the core, the chiropractic techniques employed to relieve pain are,

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

Our chiropractors use controlled movements to realign your spine, reducing inflammation and easing pressure on nerves. This hands-on approach provides immediate relief and contributes to long-term spinal health.


Our chiropractors employ gentle, targeted movements to restore normal nerve function affected by compression. This technique, tailored to your unique needs, aims to alleviate pain, tingling, and numbness associated with radiculopathy.

Exercise Stabilization

Our tailored exercise programs strengthen core muscles, adding stability to your spine and preventing future nerve compression. These exercises, personalized to your needs, improve flexibility, posture, and overall spinal health for sustained radicular pain relief. This holistic combination has shown remarkable success in alleviating radicular pain, offering a beacon of hope to those seeking non-surgical solutions.

Transformative Results: Chiropractic Care for Radicular Pain, Santa Cruz

Our recent study on radiculopathy treatment showcases the efficacy of our conservative management strategy. Of the 162 patients treated with chiropractic spinal adjustments, neuromobilization, and exercise stabilization, 85.5% experienced resolution of their radicular complaints after an average of 9 sessions.

Embrace a Life Free from Radicular Pain

Your journey towards a pain-free life begins with us. Please schedule a consultation and let our expert team guide you through a personalized path to relief. Trust in our commitment to providing immediate solutions and a sustainable and holistic approach to your well-being.

Begin Your Journey to Pain-Free Living – Radicular Pain Treatment, Santa Cruz.

Dr. Craig Eymann


Doctor’s Bio Meet Dr. Craig Eymann, a seasoned chiropractor dedicated to your well-being. With over 25+ years of experience, he specializes in Radicular pain treatment through Exercise Stabilization, Neuromobilization, and Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments. From his roots in Structural Integration Therapy to honing skills in sports massage and diverse therapies, Dr. Eymann aligns structure for swift relief, ensuring a healthier, happier life. Trust his expertise for compassionate care and lasting results.


  • Can Radicular Pain Be Treated Without Surgery?

    Yes, but not necessarily. Most radiculopathy patients respond positively to conservative treatments, which may include anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, or chiropractic interventions. Surgery is often considered only in exceptional cases.

  • Can Radicular Pain Affect Any Part of the Body?

    Indeed. Radiculopathy's impact is diverse, affecting different parts of the body based on the location of the compressed spinal nerve roots. It underscores the importance of a comprehensive diagnosis to tailor the treatment plan.

  • Can Radicular Pain Recur After Treatment?

    While radiculopathy often resolves over time, persistent or recurrent symptoms necessitate attention. Our commitment extends beyond immediate relief, ensuring a thorough and ongoing approach to your well-being.

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