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Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash’s sting can leave you reeling: a sudden jolt, neck pain that won’t quit, and headaches that pulse with every move. It isn’t just discomfort – your spine and nerves whisper, “Take care of me”. At Aloha Sports Chiropractic, I hear that whisper loud and clear. I understand how whiplash throws your life off-balance, stealing your freedom and joy. But here’s the truth: healing is possible. My team and I tailor gentle and effective whiplash injury treatment,Santa Cruz to restore mobility and ease your pain. We work with you at each stage until you can resume the life that you love, whiplash-free. Don’t wait; let Aloha Sports Chiropractic be your guide on the road to recovery.

Common Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash signs can appear in a variety of ways, impacting people uniquely. If you had an accident recently and are now experiencing any of the symptoms, it is an indicator that you have whiplash treatment in Santa Cruz.

  • Neck Pain and Stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Tingling or Numbness
  • Fatigue

What Does Research Say about Whiplash?

Studies show links between chronic whiplash pain and psychological factors like PTSD and attachment anxiety. Those with anxiety often catastrophize pain and have higher distress. Both PTSD and attachment issues are associated with greater sensitivity, muscle tension, and anxiety. Additional findings suggest mood issues also raise vulnerability for chronic whiplash. Research indicates whiplash interventions should address psychological and physical factors. Treatments may prove most effective if targeting anxiety, avoidance, sensitivity, and distress in tandem with pain and muscle issues.

Chiropractic Support for Your Whiplash Recovery

A whiplash injury can be frightening and debilitating. At Aloha, we understand what you’re dealing with and want to assist you recover entirely. My team and I individualized non-invasive and drug-free whiplash treatment in Santa Cruz, focused on relieving anxiety, sensitivity and muscle tension. Our Custom care helps restore alignment, ease pain, regain mobility, and prevent chronic issues.

Gentle Stretching, Spinal Adjustments, and Comprehensive Care

We use a combination of gentle techniques to support your body’s natural healing abilities. Such as,

  • Targeted Stretching: We improve mobility and flexibility of the neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Precise Spinal Adjustments: We restore alignment and movement of the vertebrae.
  • Comprehensive Lifestyle Analysis: We address nutritional, postural, and other factors influencing recovery.

Why Do Patients Choose Us?

Our patients appreciate our:

  • Gentle, personalized techniques that respect the body’s natural healing abilities.
  • The holistic approach focuses on root causes, not just symptoms.
  • Ability to find rapid and lasting pain relief without medications.
  • Commitment to understanding each patient’s total health picture.

How to Get Help?

Are you experiencing whiplash symptoms? Don’t delay—reach out to Aloha Sports Chiropractic today. Our experienced team is ready to assess your condition, provide personalized recommendations, and guide you on healing.

Dr. Craig Eymann


Meet Dr. Craig Eymann, a caring chiropractor with extensive experience in holistic medical care. Since 1978, he’s been dedicated to restoring balance and well-being. Dr Eymann’s gentle approach involves expert spinal adjustments and therapeutic techniques. With a thorough awareness of the body’s connection, he gives healing to patients suffering from whiplash. Through gentle stretching and comprehensive care, Dr Eymann helps his patients find comfort and regain their vitality, ensuring a smoother path to recovery.

Patient Testimonial


Emily R.

Google Reviews


I stumbled upon Dr. Eymann’s clinic after a fender-bender left me sore. The atmosphere was friendly, and Dr. Eymann’s approach of gentle stretches and spinal adjustments worked like magic. The comprehensive care and friendly staff make this clinic stand out for whiplash treatment.


  • How Long Does Whiplash Take to Heal?

    The recovery time for whiplash varies based on individual factors, but seeking prompt treatment enhances the chances of a faster and more complete recovery.

  • When Should I Seek Medical Attention for Suspected Whiplash?

    If you experience neck pain, stiffness, or headaches after an incident, it's crucial to seek medical attention promptly.

  • Are There Ways to Prevent Whiplash?

    While accidents are unpredictable, adopting steps such as adjusting your car's headrests and keeping an appropriate distance behind you can dramatically lessen the chance of whiplash injuries.

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