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Dr. Craig Eymann, a yoga student since 17, began his healing career in 1978 as a Structural Integration Therapist training at University California at San Diego from the Institute for Psycho Structural Balancing. ” I was taught Deep Tissue by a Rolfer. On a Friday I was learning and receiving psoas work and Saturday I’m noticing the change in my stride, during a 10 K race. One afternoon after a shoulder release class I got to test out my new shoulders while paddling into overhead waves at Blacks Beach.” Since then I have treated many types of sports injuries.


Living in Hawaii in the 80’s gave me a chance to perform sports massage at many events, some in which I also participate. At the 84 Honolulu Marathon I had just crossed the finish line and was spotted by a fellow therapist, who quickly put me to work. “But I just ran the marathon!” “Listen we need your help, the massage line is a mile long, here you can use this table”. Luckily, while on the Big Island, I did not participate in the Iron Man triathlons before my shift. In early 90’s I studied Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture.


In 1996 I began my Chiropractic training. While in school I taught massage in the evenings. I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic University in 1999. I quickly added Chiropractic into my practice. My specialties are all musculo-skeletal injuries, spinal health and Sports Chiropractic. I have several published Best chiropractic articles in “On Fitness” Magazine. Here is a list of his published work: Chiropractic and Athletic Performance Having a Leg to Stand On – A Chiropractic View of the Knee Chiropractic View of the Shoulder Chiropractic View of My Tired Feet Understanding Back Pain Got Shoulder Pain. Most muscle, tendon and joint pain are from misalignment of the joint and supporting structures. Structure dictates function, align structure and the magic happens. Injuries resolve, quickly and people get on with their lives. With all of my experience in the healing professions, Chiropractic is my treatment of choice in 95% of these cases.”

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Dr. Craig Eymann

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Dr. Craig Eymann

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