I have been to a number of doctors, specialists, and holistic practitioners. Dr. Craig Eymann is someone that knows the human body to a degree that will make you feel not only heard but he will get you back to feeling whole again. He’s proficient in chiropractic work,
Massage, and functional
Medicine which is a powerful combination to say the least. He understands connections as to why one thing may be happening. He’s extremely intelligent and can explain complicated topics in a very uncomplicated manner. Helping you get to the root of your issue. What I love about Dr. Craig Eymann is beyond being extremely knowledgeable he is also incredibly kind. You can tell he deeply cares about people with the way he talks and approaches each patient. Bottom line if your contemplating on seeing a chiropractor (or some kind of professional to get you going on putting some or all of the puzzle pieces together to your health issues), I highly recommend Dr Craig Eymann.