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I had been experiencing SEVERE TMJ and jaw pains for about 4 years. My face constantly felt contorted and breathing and swallowing were difficult. I had sought the help of multiple massage therapist, chiropractors, and physical therapist and never had any sort of relief that lasted longer then a few days. Over the course of working with Dr. Eymann I have experienced my jaw relax and move back into a position I had forgotten. Dr. Eymann has been the single and only treatment that has helped my TMJ in 3 years and I am confident he will fix it completely. Dr. Eymann is extremely knowledgeable about how the jaw connects to the head and all things TMJ. He is willing to listen to you and help you understand what’s going on and how to help fix it, and will never mislead you with false information or technique. If anyone is experiencing any issues, but especially those with jaw pain, TMJ, or neck problems ,please, I would urge you to try Dr. Eymann. I am very grateful and thankful I found him!