#1: Eleuthero improves the symptoms of diabetes

#1: Eleuthero Improves The Symptoms Of Diabetes Eleuthero, also known as Siberian Ginseng, has been an herb occupying a significant place in Chinese medicine for thousands of years as an adaptogen. Russian and Korean folk medicine have also used Eleuthero for several purposes, including using it to increase stamina, promote mental health and also to […]

Iodine: 10 benefits for thyroid & health

Iodine 10 Benefits for Thyroid Health Iodine is a trace element that must be replenished from our diet. So there iodine 10 benefits for thyroid health Running low on it for long periods of time will result in Iodine Deficiency¬†.¬† 1. Improves Cognitive Abilities Its been shown that those with an impairment in cognitive function […]