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TMJ jaw pain treatment

TMJ Jaw Pain Treatment

Are you tired of letting persistent jaw pain, throbbing neck and shoulder aches, and the frustrating limitations of jaw movement dictate your daily life? We got you!

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We specialize in providing unparalleled relief through our advanced TMJ jaw pain treatment in Santa Cruz.

Imagine getting up every morning without the dread of jaw pain. At our chiropractic clinic, we understand the profound impact of TMJ dysfunction on your overall well-being. Our unique approach combines cutting-edge chiropractic techniques and state-of-the-art shockwave therapy, offering you a path to lasting relief.

What are the Culprits of TMJ Jaw Pain

The offenders such as jaw pain, neck and shoulder ache, jaw cracking and restricted jaw movement go beyond mere inconveniences; they are your body’s way of sending signals that the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is out of balance.

The initial step to getting back to a pain-free life is to comprehend these signs.

How Chiropractic Care Brings Relief to Your TMJ

At Aloha Sports Chiropractic we offer a non-invasive and practical approach to alleviating  jaw pain through chiropractic treatment of TMJ, which involves,

Spinal Realignment

Our chiropractic care for TMJ focuses on realigning the spine, including the cervical spine that directly influences the TMJ. This realignment helps restore balance to the jaw joint.

Physical Therapy Techniques

Our chiropractors use sophisticated physical therapy techniques that stretch and fortify the muscles that encircle the jaw. It aids in reducing tension and promoting optimal joint function.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Discover relief through our specialized soft tissue therapy. Our skilled therapists use specific techniques to ease stress, boost flexibility, and improve health in general. Experience the rejuvenating effects as we ease your muscle pain and speed up your body’s self-healing processes.

Shockwave Therapy

As part of our innovative approach to TMJ treatment, we now offer shockwave therapy. This non-intrusive method utilizes acoustic waves to speed up repairing and enhance blood flow to the sore area.  Shockwave therapy has shown promise in reducing the pain and swelling that come with TMJ. Our skilled practitioners will assess your condition and determine if shockwave therapy is a suitable addition to your personalized treatment plan.

Why Choose Chiropractic Treatment for TMJ

Non-Invasive: Avoid surgical interventions with gentle chiropractic adjustments. Holistic Approach: Address underlying issues contributing to TMJ pain. Patient-Centric Care: Tailored treatments based on individual needs.

TMJ Jaw Pain Treatment in Santa Cruz

At Aloha Sports Chiropractic, we are committed to providing personalized and effective TMJ jaw pain treatment, combining accurate diagnosis, chiropractic care, and innovative shockwave therapy. Schedule a Consultation Now and join those who have found relief from TMJ jaw pain with our personalized care.

Aloha Sports Chiropractic – Your Partner in TMJ Relief


Dr Craig Eymann


With over 25 years of chiropractic expertise, Dr. Craig Eymann specializes in alleviating TMJ jaw pain. Employing a dynamic fusion of techniques, including spinal realignment, targeted physical therapy, and soft tissue methods, he addresses the core issues behind the discomfort. Dr. Eymann’s secret weapon is shockwave therapy, a cutting-edge approach ensuring swift healing and rapid relief. Choose him for a transformative journey towards a life free from the grip of TMJ discomfort.

Patient Testimonial


Steve H.

Google Reviews


Dr.Craig is amazingly efficient and effective chiropractor,he is a phenomenal chiropractor who is extremely skilled and kind.He has assisted in improving level of my health and well being, and has successfully treated TMJ,jaw clenching disorder aka teeth grinding issue while sleeping.Thi s condition seems to be completely alleviated,and healed!As well Dr. Craig has treated aspects of cervical and spinal health, muscular tension, and nutritional imbalances.I certainly recommend him very highly.


  • Can I prevent TMJ dysfunction?

    You can't completely prevent TMJ, but you can manage the symptoms by maintaining good posture and practicing stress reduction techniques. Also, chiropractic therapy is a great option to relieve the symptoms of TMJ.

  • How Long Does TMJ Dysfunction Last?

    The duration of TMJ dysfunction varies among people. It may resolve in weeks with self-care. However, severe cases might require professional intervention and take longer.

  • Can a Chiropractor Help with TMJ?

    Yes, chiropractors can help with TMJ by adjusting the jaw and neck. They employ non-intrusive procedures like spinal adjustments or shockwave therapy to manage the symptoms of TMJ together.

  • What are the Trigger Points for TMJ?

    The trigger points of TMDJ are stress, teeth grinding, poor posture, jaw clenching, and muscle tension. Identifying and managing these factors is essential for long-term relief from symptoms.

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