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Shoulder pain is a prevalent problem that impacts individuals of all ages and occupations. According to Harvard Health, up to 70% of adults experience shoulder pain at some point of their lives. Injuries, overuse, and underlying diseases can all be the source of this discomfort.

Many people use medication or surgery for shoulder pain, but chiropractic care is a natural way to treat it. Being a chiropractor with over 25 years of chiropractic experience, I’ve seen how chiropractic treatments can help people with shoulder pain.

In this blog, I will discuss the benefits of chiropractic care for shoulder pain and how I treat it using my specialized protocols.

Understanding Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint featuring a broad range of mobility. However, greater flexibility makes the shoulder more prone to injury and pain. Several muscles, tendons, and bursa (fluid-filled sacs that reduce friction) surround the shoulder joint. Shoulder pain can result from either joint injury or edema.

Common reasons for shoulder discomfort are:

  1. Rotator Cuff Injuries: An arrangement of tendons and muscles supporting the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff inflammation, tendonitis, or tears can all result in considerable pain and reduced motion. These issues can result from overuse, aging, or acute injuries.
  2. Bursitis: The bursae are tiny sacs full of fluid that insulate the bones, tendons, and muscles supporting the shoulder joint—irritation of these bursae can cause shoulder discomfort and tightness.
  3. Tendinitis: Repetitive movements can inflame the shoulder tendons, causing pain known as tendinitis.
  4. Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can cause shoulder pain, edema, and stiffness.

It is essential to distinguish between shoulder pain and pain from other areas, such as the neck or upper back. Shoulder pain may have different causes than neck or upper back pain.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic therapy offers various advantages to persons who struggle with shoulder pain. One main advantage of this option is that it is safe and effective. It is not invasive, making it a suitable medication or surgery alternative. Some of the significant advantages of chiropractic therapy for shoulder discomfort include:

  1. Improved Mobility and Range of Motion: Chiropractic care can improve shoulder problems by making joints work better, relaxing muscles, and increasing flexibility. It can improve the shoulder’s mobility and range of motion.
  2. Pain Relief: Chiropractic care can help shoulder pain by fixing misalignments, muscle imbalances, or joint restrictions. It can relieve pain without requiring drugs or surgery.
  3. Better Health: Chiropractic care treats the whole body, not just shoulder pain. It also offers advice on lifestyle and nutrition to improve overall well-being.

Specialized Protocols I Use to Treat Shoulder Pain

At my clinic, Aloha Sports Chiropractic, I use a range of specialized protocols to treat shoulder pain. Here is the description and how I perform them:

  1. Spinal Adjustments: Spine misalignments can cause shoulder pain by affecting muscles and nerves. I gently adjust the spine to relieve nerve pressure and improve communication between the brain and muscles.
  2. Soft Tissue Manipulation: It includes massage, trigger point therapy, and Active Release Techniques (ART) for treating muscle pain. These strategies can assist in reducing stiffness and enhancing flexibility.
  3. Joint Mobilization Techniques: I use special techniques to help the shoulder move better and feel less stiff. These strategies can assist to reduce stiffness and increase flexibility.
  4. Posture Correction: Incorrect posture can cause shoulder pain by putting too much pressure on the muscles and joints. At my clinic, I guide ergonomics and posture correction to alleviate stress on the shoulder and prevent future injuries.
  5. Ischemic Compression: I apply firm, direct pressure to trigger points or taut bands in the shoulder muscles. It aims to increase localized blood flow and oxygen, reducing muscle spasms, tension, and pain. I often combine this protocol with other treatments, like spinal adjustments, for comprehensive shoulder pain relief.

Apart from chiropractic treatment, I also suggest lifestyle changes, exercises, and nutrition to aid healing and enhance the health of my patients.

What Research Says About the Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

Multiple studies comparing chiropractic spinal manipulation to physiotherapy or standard medical care for shoulder pain treatment have found chiropractic to be more effective:

  1. A study published in the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association evaluated shoulder pain treatment using chiropractic management techniques. This research indicated favorable therapeutic outcomes and successful therapy of shoulder pain and muscular stiffness using ischemia compression methods.
  2. A further investigation emphasized in a 2021 research project, as stated in a publication by Frontiers in Pain Research, found that spine modification treatment (SMT) is at least as beneficial as medicine and physiotherapy for neck and shoulder pain. Alternating SMT and workouts proved to be one of the most effective ways to relieve shoulder discomfort.

Stress can exacerbate muscle tension and inflammation, potentially worsening sciatic nerve pain. To reduce stress, try deep breathing, meditation, and gentle yoga. These techniques can help relax and lessen the effects of physical stress. These techniques can be beneficial for the body in managing stress. Deep breathing, meditation, and gentle yoga effectively alleviate stress and its impact on the body.

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The Final Words

Chiropractic care is a natural way to help with shoulder pain without medication or surgery. It focuses on holistic healing.

As a professional chiropractor for over 25 years, I’ve witnessed how chiropractic treatment can benefit clients with shoulder pain. Chiropractors can help shoulder pain by adjusting the spine, manipulating soft tissues, mobilizing joints, and fixing posture. It can improve mobility and range of motion and promote natural healing.

Chiropractors support overall well-being by giving lifestyle and nutrition advice and taking a comprehensive approach to healthcare.

When you have shoulder pain, I recommend getting competent chiropractic treatment. By working closely with a qualified chiropractor, you can achieve adequate pain relief and regain the freedom to move without discomfort.


Meet Dr. Craig Eymann, a dedicated chiropractor and yoga enthusiast with over two decades of expertise in spinal health, sports chiropractic, and personalized care, prioritizing misalignment correction for swift injury resolution.

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