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Shockwave Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition that causes shoulder pain and stiffness, making it hard to move the shoulder. Severe illness makes everyday tasks very difficult for many patients.

Traditional treatments typically include physical therapy, medications, and, in severe cases, surgery. However, the recent introduction of shockwave therapy has shown promise as an effective alternative for those seeking relief from frozen shoulders.

Understanding Shockwave Therapy

One of the most immediate benefits of trigger point massage is pain relief. When the physical therapist applies pressure to the knots, it helps to break them down. It can help with pain and muscle relaxation. It’s suitable for people with discomfort in certain areas like the neck or back.

Chronic pain sufferers can also find respite with regular trigger point massage sessions, says Since this type of massage targets the root cause of the pain rather than just the symptoms, it can provide more long-lasting relief. It can be a game-changer for individuals who experience ongoing pain that affects their daily lives.

How Shockwave Therapy Handles Movement Disorders

Shockwave therapy is an efficient approach for musculoskeletal conditions. It speeds up healing by boosting metabolism and blood flow to repair damaged tissue without surgery. 

Advantages of Shockwave Therapy Over Traditional Methods

There are several shockwave therapy benefits when compared to traditional treatment methods. Such as,

1. Non-Invasive

Shockwave therapy does not require surgery or anesthesia because it is non-invasive. It minimizes the chance of problems following surgery.

2. Fewer Potential Complications

Advantages Shockwave Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

Shockwave therapy is safe and has few complications. Patients usually have few adverse effects, making it a safer choice for many people.

3. Shorter Recovery Time

Traditional treatments, especially surgeries, often entail extended recovery periods. Shockwave therapy typically offers shorter recovery durations, allowing patients to resume routine tasks faster.

4. Targeted Treatment

You can aim electromagnetic and radial shockwave therapies at the affected area. This precision helps heal damaged tissue by focusing the therapeutic effects on it.

5. Pain Reduction

Shockwave therapy helps reduce pain from musculoskeletal conditions. Repairing tissue and reducing inflammation make patients feel less pain and improve overall function.

The Scientific Basis of Shockwave Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Shockwave therapy treats frozen shoulders by targeting fibrous tissue and adhesions in the shoulder capsule. These fibrous formations cause pain and limited movement in frozen shoulders. The treatment works by breaking up adhesions, healing tissue, and restoring shoulder function.

Medical Research Supporting the Efficacy of Shockwave Treatment for Frozen Shoulders

Research studies have found efficacy of shockwave treatment for frozen shoulders. These studies consistently show that shockwave therapy helps patients reduce pain and increase their ability to move.

The treatment can help with the leading causes of adhesive capsulitis. It makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking treatment for this challenging condition.

Comparative Analysis with Other Treatments

Shockwave therapy is a better option than steroids or hydro dilatation and can work better in some cases. Studies indicate that shockwave treatment is as good as or better than traditional treatments.

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Who is a Suitable Candidate for Shockwave Treatment for Frozen Shoulder?

Shockwave therapy is for people who haven’t gotten better with regular treatments. People with frozen shoulders can try shockwave therapy instead of surgery to manage their symptoms.

This therapy is valuable for those who want relief without the risks and downtime of surgery. Shockwave therapy is a non-intrusive approach to treating frozen shoulders. It may enhance people’s way of life and is a sensible and efficient alternative.

What Does Shockwave Therapy for Frozen Shoulders Cost?

The cost of shockwave therapy for frozen shoulders varies based on several factors. They involve the location, intensity of the condition, and number of appointments necessary. 

At Aloha Sports Chiropractic, shockwave therapy is reasonably priced, costing $500 for four sessions.

Aftercare for Frozen Shoulder Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a beneficial treatment to treat frozen shoulders. But, aftercare is essential to get better outcomes.

Shockwave Therapy

1. Rest and Recovery

Prioritize rest to allow the treated shoulder time to heal. Avoid strenuous activities that could strain the shoulder, contributing to the therapy’s effectiveness.

2. Physical Therapy Regimen

Follow a personalized workout plan to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, and enhance shoulder function. Consistent adherence is crucial for maximizing shockwave therapy benefits.

3. Lifestyle Changes

Make adjustments to daily activities to minimize strain on the shoulder. Use correct seating and maintain good posture at work or home to help recover.

4. Pain Management

Take recommended over-the-counter pain relievers to ease discomfort after treatment. Report persistent pain for adjustments to the aftercare plan.

5. Follow-up Appointments

Go to regular check-ups with your therapy chiropractor to track progress and make changes to the aftercare plan if needed.

6. Patient Education

Learn about self-care, including posture, exercises, and lifestyle changes, to get more control over your problem. Active participation enhances the effectiveness of shockwave therapy and facilitates a comprehensive recovery.

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The Final Words

Shockwave therapy is a viable therapy choice for patients suffering from frozen shoulders. This treatment could change how you deal with this painful condition. It is non-invasive, has fast recovery times, and has clinical support.

Remember to contact a healthcare expert before starting any new treatment. They may assess your medical history and determine if shockwave is your ideal treatment.

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